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When you need a used truck, we invite you to discover what's exceptional about our inventory.

Quality Trucks in Athens, AL

Whether you need a light, nimble pickup or a heavy-duty rig, there's a good chance you'll fall in love with one of our excellent trucks.

Take Advantage of Our Broad Selection

You'll benefit from the convenience and efficiency our abundant inventory provides. We're your place to find the following:

  • Ram 2500
  • GMC Sierra
  • Chevy Silverado
  • Ford F-150
  • Jeep Gladiator

In fact, you'll discover many popular truck models from RAM, GMC, Chevy, Ford, and Jeep in our used inventory. And our large selection often includes other trusted brands.

The Value of a Used Truck

Today's used trucks save you money, and they include modern tech, comfort, safety, and reliability.

While vehicles typically lose value throughout their time on the road, a truck's steepest depreciation occurs during its initial couple of years. Our used inventory lets you skip past that period.

Through our inventory, you can rely on a truck's middle years without paying for its first years. As a result, you'll drive a trustworthy vehicle with a like-new appearance.

Also, simply buying a truck after its first owner absorbs its greatest depreciation lets you retain more value. When you resell a used pickup from us, you'll enjoy receiving a higher percentage of its purchase price.

The Power of Your Truck Dollar

Your willingness to be the second person to drive the truck you select from our used inventory also lets you access a higher truck tier.

Suppose, after looking at your funds, you determine you could reasonably acquire an entry-level pickup from a new truck inventory. Due to the savings that depreciation provides, you have more options through our used inventory.

You can stick with a lighter truck, which will let you apply some of your truck budget to other areas of your life. Or you can use your full budget to obtain a truck with more size, power, or features.

You'll Find More Features at Champion of Athens

When you're shopping for a truck, a new inventory typically restricts you to a couple of brands and two model years. At best, you'll have access to the current model year, a handful of leftovers from the previous year, and an early release from the coming year.

That scenario gives you access to a comparatively narrow set of features. By contrast, our used truck inventory significantly broadens your scope of available features.

Compared to a new inventory, our used selection includes:

  • More model years
  • Additional truck brands
  • More models
  • Significantly more trim classes
  • A diverse array of features

Importantly, as modern technology for safety and infotainment becomes increasingly popular among pickup buyers, having access to ample variations will help you find the right tech-based features for the way you drive.

We also help you easily compare makes and models that you would not normally find in the same inventory.

Our Convenient Online Inventory

We place a premium on your happiness, so we make our used inventory available online.

Through the tools found on this page, you can access our full inventory. In addition to simply browsing our selection, you can search on a variety of truck-related terms. We suggest starting with a brand, model, or color.

You can narrow your results, too. And we certainly welcome you to contact us for help finding a specific truck model that interests you.

A Friendly Test Drive at Champion of Athens

When you see a truck that excites you in our online inventory, reach out to us promptly. Our inventory changes frequently, and we want to help you get your ideal used truck.

Whether you're in Huntsville or Madison, AL, let us help you find your used vehicle or financing offer today. For your convenience, we'll happily book an appointment for a test drive in Athens, AL.