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Diverse Used SUV Inventory at Champion of Athens

When you go to buy your next used SUV, you should be excited about your prospects. To capture that excitement, the inventory itself has to be expansive and diverse. There must be a lot of vehicles, but they must be quality vehicles, offering up a diverse array of features that hit the bullseye in terms of value. Here in Athens, AL, we love our family SUVs. We love them so much that we take great care of them, trade them in, and then sell them as used testaments to that vehicle's value and utility. Our used inventory is thoroughly vetted to feature only the most prominent of Jeep, Chevy, Ford, and Dodge models.

Automakers that Make a Difference

How do Jeep, Chevy, Ford, and Dodge keep changing the world? Well, their used SUV lineup should reveal a few clues about that. Jeep's take on the SUV was from an off-road point of view; it was a point of view looking out from a mountainside, sitting beside a campfire. Chevy's take was of a practical-minded SUV that gave your family just enough upscale features to live the good life. Second-row entertainment centers and large touchscreen infotainment centers were the rule of the day, bringing the SUV into a new era. And those used models still contain those innovations that were such revolutionary features in their day. Ford and Dodge have a tougher attitude, creating SUVs that are large to mid-size, feature two or three rows, and belt out the towing capacity adventurous families need.

How SUVs Change Lives

For families, there are a lot of daily activities in the Harvest, AL area that demand a durable and useful SUV. And used SUVs have a proven track record of giving families the memories that matter most. When you have to take the kids to school in the morning, you need a spacious, comfortable second row that gives them room to breathe, but you also need to keep an eye on them. The way the cabin is laid out, and temperature controls, really make a difference in comfort. You want seating materials to be soft-touch and elegant to look at as well. Our massive lineup of used SUVs have years of service providing families with those very qualities. Some of them have upscale features, and of course, they're equipped with the most innovative safety features of their day.

Recently used SUVs are often a favorite of our customers. You get all of the modern conveniences in their earliest forms, so they're lower-priced, but they still have that original usefulness for which the features were created. A premium audio system is often a big-time favorite of our families, too, as parents and kids alike love to listen to some tune while on their way to family vacations or heading to practice after school. Whatever your reason for needing a pre-owned SUV, we're here to make your purchase one of the best of your life.

Test Drive a Used SUV Today at Champion of Athens

We invite all our customers to visit us here at our dealership and test drive their favorite SUV. Our incentives to buy used grow year after year, as we realize that now more than ever, families need deals that net them savings for other things, like those previously mentioned family vacations that are so much fun for everyone to take. If you have any questions while you're using our online shopping tools, please get in touch with us. Whether you're in Huntsville or Madison, AL, our sales team is always friendly and ready to discuss our pre-owned inventory. If you've already picked out your model and are ready to drive, call us today to find out more about your top pick. We'll be pleased to chat with you about specific features you're interested in or give you more info about your favorite model. Contact us to check out our used inventory and financing offers.