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New and used vehicles each have their own pros and cons. New vehicles are guaranteed to not have any problems, since no one has ever driven them before. However, they have higher price points than their used equivalents. Used vehicles are more competitively-priced, and they have quite a bit more character, but you don't always know what they went through under previous owners. Certified pre-owned vehicles bring the best of both worlds; they're used cars with a guarantee of quality.

We carry vehicles from Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram. While Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles all have the same CPO process, the Chevrolet CPO process is different. However, they're both similar. In order to become CPO, a vehicle needs to be under a certain number of model years old, and it needs to have under a certain number of miles on its odometer. If it passes those checks, it then goes through a rigorous, multi-point (often 100+) inspection process by a factory-trained technician. If any points fail the inspection, they must be repaired or replaced. CPO vehicles often come with a detailed vehicle history report, so you know just what the vehicle went through under its previous owner. There are no nasty surprises with CPO.

In addition to those benefits, CPO plans also often give even more benefits, such as an expanded warranty or roadside assistance. The biggest downside to CPO is a small selection. Only a small segment of vehicles can become CPO, which means that CPO inventories are usually much smaller than new or used inventories.

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If you'd like to drive any of our CPO models, or if you have a few CPO questions you'd like answered, we're ready and waiting to help.