Nobody really looks forward to completing vehicle maintenance, but it's a part of everyday life for drivers across the nation. When it comes to convenient certified automotive service in the Huntsville and Decatur, AL area -- think of Champion Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We're welcoming the spring weather with open arms at our Athens, AL dealership. In order to make the most of what our community has to offer these upcoming months we encourage you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following four essential spring maintenance tips our certified mechanics recommend you get around to before you embark on any impromptu excursions and vacations outside the Madison, AL area.

The Four Spring Maintenance Essentials as Detailed by Our Mopar Certified Mechanics

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  1. Get an Oil Change: As the essential lubricant that keeps your vehicle's moving parts operating at maximum efficiency, it's imperative that you change your Ram 1500's or Jeep SUV's oil regularly. If left to collect dirt and grime from frequent use, the oil turns to sludge and grime which in turn causes friction, excessive heat, and the failing of engine parts.
  2. Check and Top-Off Fluids: It's probably fair to say that you likely haven't attended to any regular vehicle maintenance over the winter months. We understand! Folks around the area have been busy with the holidays and everyday tasks. You might not know it, but your vehicle's engine coolant, oil, or power steering fluid levels might be low. It's a great time to bring in your model to top them off and prepare for all your spring and summer plans ahead.
  3. Make Sure Your Tires are Roadworthy with a Quick Rotation: Noticed considerable wear on one or two of your car, truck, or SUV's tires? We'll happily rotate them to ensure they last for many miles to come!
  4. Check Your Windshield for Cracks and Replace Your Wiper Blades: Proper visibility is essential to safe and secure daily commuting and travel. Champion Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram offers plenty of Mopar parts and boasts a range of windshield wipers that will fit your specific model. What's more, is we'll be happy to attend to any damage your windshield has taken on.
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