If you have ever seen a car commercial, you've probably heard the acronym "CPO" before. CPO starts for "certified pre-owned," although that just raises further questions. After all, "pre-owned" is pretty self-explanatory, but what makes it certified? Who does the certifying? What makes it different from a regular pre-owned model? We're glad you asked, and even if you didn't we're still going to give you the answers.

CPO processes differ between automakers, but they all have a few similarities. While every vehicle eventually becomes pre-owned, CPO is a bit more specific, and not every vehicle can become CPO. First, a vehicle needs to be under a certain number of model years old, as well as having under a certain number of miles on its odometer. Next, it needs to go through an inspection process (usually with over 100 different points) by a factory-trained technician. CPO models also come with an improved warranty, roadside assistance, and a detailed vehicle history report.

If all that sounds appealing to you, we have plenty of CPO models right here on our lot. Come visit us at Champion Auto Group today, right here in Athens, AL. We can't wait to meet you, and we have just the CPO model you're looking for.

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